In 2000, Johnson & Johnson is one of the biggest manufacturers of hygienic products in the world, with that year’s sales figures at 29.1 billion dollars ($29,000,000,000). Management is convinced that they can increase their plant’s productivity by increasing the competency of their employees.


Facilitate the delivery of training and ensure message consistency over time, aiming for the respect of ISO standards, lockout procedures, etc.

Our Proposal

To adapt Johnson & Johnson’s content to an approach centered on the learner and develop a series of interactive multimedia training activities using HumEng’s authoring platform.

Action Plan

Every training activity includes pre-tests, progressive exercises and post-tests. Every exercise and test’s results are saved and allow for follow-up by the trainer. The Learning Management System (LMS) is complemented with a shop floor follow-up; trainers integrated into teams ensure acquired skills are applied.


With just-the-right training available just-in-time, a reduction of 25 to 40% of training time was measured. Moreover, multimedia training aroused a growing interest.