A mill producing cardboard for food packaging used a PowerPoint presentation to show the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) training and the HACCP approach.

Since the content had to be updated, the mill decided to take the opportunity to develop an eLearning version of the training. This is where our designers came in!

Our Proposal

  1. Update of the existing GMP content;
  2. Transfer to eLearning format of the HACCP approach, the prior programs and the GMP;
  3. Integration of the eLearning, 100% asynchronous mode;
  4. Creation of an English PDF document for external audits.

Action Plan

  • The presentations allow to organize the information on a specific subject;
  • The case studies allow to provide real-life examples with common mistakes and critical elements;
  • Detailed examples concerning GMP will be accompanied by comments and explicit references to the content seen beforehand.

Expected Results

  • Standardisation of good manufacture practices;
  • Reduction of culls;
  • Possibility for employees to take the final assessment once a year and, if they pass it, not have to re-take the whole training.