Our Training Audit Process

Every improvement project starts with a good plan. An audit allows Humeng experts to analyze your situation, which can help establish priorities in order to improve your current training system and therefore maximise the return on your investments in training.

Our Approach

We help you implement a training process centered on your real needs. This process, based on skills management, allows you to identify critical skills and to target your training dollars on activities that will give you the best return on your investment.

Our skills management approach allows us to:

  • Targeting the gap between required and available skills;
  • Distribute skills to support stable operations;
  • Accelerate an employee's learning with a training path tailored to his/her needs.

Training Path

The development of a training path consists in determining the best way to deliver and plan the training, taking into account available resources, time and budget. A training path can therefore include many "modes" of training: e-learning, traditional classroom training, on-the-job training, etc.

Training Tools

HumEng has a wide range of content in its libraries and can develop and adapt several types of existing content to facilitate learning, such as:

  • Standard operation/maintenance procedures
  • Practical training
  • Theoretical training
  • Online training

We can help you structure the available content resources to achieve your skills development and knowledge transfer goals.

Skills Assessment

We will help you ascertain the role of skills assessments in the global training and skills management process, as well as structure efficient skills assessments which will allow you to:

  • Identify training needs
  • Prioritize training needs
  • Assess and credit skills

Skill Profiles

Have you documented the list of theoretical and practical skills needed to effectively perform the work related to each of your positions/equipment?

The skill profile serves as a "roadmap" and guides content development, training and the certification process.

We are experts in producing skill profiles and we can help you develop yours.

Implementation and Coaching

The transfer of skills to the shop floor increases the competitiveness of a company. This is even more true in a context where the company must rely on a limited number of employees. However, training and skills acquisition are rarely evaluated, except to gauge the satisfaction of participants.

Our implementation and coaching services will help you set up simple mechanisms to evaluate learning throughout the training process. This will allow you to measure the acquisition of knowledge and know-how, reinforce learning and make acquired skills sustainable behaviors.