DuPont Zodiaq® Quartz Surfaces make high-quality engineered quartz slabs that can be used as interior wall surfaces and kitchen countertops for both commercial and residential purposes. The company, situated in Thetford Mines in the province of Quebec, has a hundred or so production employees.

In 2003, in order to remain competitive, the company had to increase productivity and reduce culls. Employees therefore had to possess the necessary skills to safely, efficiently and consistently perform their tasks. The best work practices had to be well documented and communicated to employees.

Our Proposal

Plant management decided to create a partnership with HumEng to implement a skills management process in order to efficiently target training investments and increase productivity.

Action Plan

Training personnel at DuPont and HumEng’s specialists proceeded to:

  • Implement a skills and training management software, including a “Skills Recognition” functionality;
  • Produce skill profiles for the 13 jobs that have a direct impact on product quality and that were identified as priorities by the succession plan;
  • Produce skill profiles of the employees occupying the 13 positions;
  • Produce practical technical sheets (practical training according to the «EDIC» method) for these key positions;
  • Create computer-assisted training activities on health and safety and on the operation positions. Management selected this type of training to take advantage of its great flexibility, its constant message, its increased retention rate, etc.

All these tools were complemented with a communication strategy addressed to every employee at all levels of the organization. DuPont Zodiaq® Quartz Surfaces created a philosophy of learning for everyone.

Department Managers were trained on the utilization of the training management software to follow the progression of their employees’ skills. Internal trainers were selected and coached and supervisors were made responsible for their employees’ training.

Some Results

“To this day we are very satisfied with the results and we are confident that the approach that we have adopted will be decisive in the achievement of our objective to become a worldwide company. The increase of knowledge in our company will be the key to our development and our longevity”. – Marc Triganne, Human Resources Director

  • Despite the fact that 42% of the factory’s employees had never used a computer before, 96% of the participants rated this training mode from “Great” to “Excellent”.

All of these efforts led to a regional recognition awarded by the Canadian Administration Club, Asbestos Chapter. DuPont, Zodiaq® Quartz Surfaces received the Training, Small and Medium-sized Business Category, 15th Commercial and Industrial 2003 Award.

With all this work and a strategy centered on its employees’ skills, this dynamic manufacturing company achieved its goals.