1 August 2021

Produits Forestiers D&G

D&G Forest Products gave us the mandate to support them in two of their plants to set up a skills management system allowing them to develop the workforce required to stabilize and standardize their operations. The model we developed with them will be implemented in the company’s other production sites.
15 May 2021


Indorama mandated us to help them set up a training system for industrial mechanics. We identified areas where there was a lack of documentation and training path. We developed skills profiles, organized training paths, and a series of standard procedures on critical maintenance tasks.
20 March 2021

Cascades CEC Cabano

Following the successful implementation of the training solution for a paper machine, Cascades asked us to implement a similar system for the stock preparation sector. We have developed for them and with them, worked with them to develop skills profiles, learning paths, online training modules on operating theory and equipment, and standard operating procedures for on-the-job training and job aids.
5 February 2021

Interfor Eastern Division

Interfor asked us to support them in the development and implementation of a new bilingual onboarding solution for operations and maintenance employees, managers and corporate employees. We developed a series of courses and comprehensive approaches for the onboarding and integration of new employees.
10 January 2021

HumEng has developed a new online training solution

HumEng has developed a new online training solution on troubleshooting and problem-solving principles. The training is intended for both production and maintenance teams, in order to give them basics and recognized methods for problem solving.